miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers and 3D technologies

As indicated by the recent report by the UNESCO ICT branch, there is an emerging broad consensus worldwide about the benefits that can be brought to school education through the appropriate use of evolving information and communication technologies. The range of possible benefits covers practically all areas of activity in which knowledge and communication play a critical role: from improved teaching and learning processes to better student outcomes, from increased student engagement to seamless communication with parents, and from school networking and twinning to more efficient management and monitoring within the school. However, the use of new technologies in education implies new teacher roles, new pedagogies and new approaches to teacher education. UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers framework is a good starting point for assessment of new teacher's knowledge, attitudes and practices. For this reason, a great contribution could be the inclusion of 3D educational virtual worlds or MMOL Platforms in this framework. Anyway, many of the curricular objectives could be achieved through the use of these technologies. The complete report is available on this URL: UNESCO.

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